*unless otherwise posted in the news section
**new player must play in at least one of the two nightly games and must not have played in any previous poker tournament held by Cafe Netherworld.
In accordance to Colorado State Law, There is no fee to play nor any purchase required to play in Cafe Netherworld's Free Poker Tournament.
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Welcome to the official website for Cafe@Netherworld's Free Poker Tournament!!!
Every Tuesday! Games start at 7:30pm and 10:30* ALL skill levels are welcome! and it's FREE to play!

Free $10 Bar tab! The Winners of the nightly games win a $10 bar tab.

Drink Specials! $3.50 Call and Draft $4.50 Wine $2.50 Domestic and $2.00 PBR!!!

This is an 11 week tournament! The next Tournament Starts on 04/20/10. The top 8 point totals in accumulated points and Wild Cards win prizes determined via a final table tournament on 07/06/10.

Bounties! Take out a Previous tournament winner or the players with the previous weeks top two point totals and receive bonus points!

Bring a new player** and you BOTH get a free drink!

Wild Card Thursdays! Compete for a second chance at making the final table tournament or win more chips to take to the Final table tournament!!! Game at 8:30 and if there are at least 8 people for a second game, it will start at 10:30pm.
07/06/10 Tournament Update: Final table has been finalized. Positions and chip stack amounts have been posted on the Standings page. THERE WILL BE TWO CONSOLATION GAMES AT 7:30 and 10:30. Bonus points will not be awarded as we are changing the format of Tuesday night poker as we transition to The Pub on Penn. Check back here for announcements on the new format. :)

07/01/10 Tournament Update:  Week 11 stats, bounties, Wild Card Thursdays and sprinter stats have been updated. I will update Final Table Seats by this weekend.

06/29/10 Tournament Update:  Week 10 stats, bounties, Wild Card Thursdays and sprinter stats have been updated.

06/22/10 Tournament Update:  Week 9 stats, sprinter and bounties have been updated.

06/15/10 Tournament Update:  Week 8 stats, bounties and Wild Card Thursdays stats have been updated.

06/08/10 Tournament Update:  Week 7 stats, and bounties have been updated.

04/27/10 Wild Card Thursdays is now every other Thursday. Complete Schedule Here
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